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A.I.C. PRESS RELEASE 8/28/2000




The Most Rev'd E.J. Ryzy and The Rt. Rev'd Peter Caputo

The 947 years of Christian schism between two Orthodox and Anglican jurisdictions was bridged and healed in Crownsville, Maryland, at St. Paul's Chapel, on Sunday 8/27/2000.

The Archbishop of the Belarus Orthodox National Church, the Most Rev'd +Emigidiusz Jerry Ryzy of the AMERICAN WORLD PATRIARCHATES and the HOLY ORTHODOX CHURCH OF THE ATLANTIC, (AUTOCEPHALOUS, WESTERN RITE and ANGLICAN ORTHODOX) and the Orthodox Church Outside Russia, Byelorus and the Suffragan Bishop of the Anglican Independent Communion concelebrated Holy Communion together at the regular Sunday Mass.

The Most Rev'd Emigidiusz Jerry Ryzy and the Right Rev'd Robert Samuel Loiselle used a Western Rite Liturgy adapted from the 1928 Protestant Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. This Western Rite was accepted with modifications for use in America by the Patriarch of Moscow and of All Russia, His Holiness Patriarch Tikhon of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Bishop Ordinary of the Anglican Independent Communion , the Rt. Rev'd Peter Caputo announced to the Church before they received a final blessing in English and Belarusian from Archbishop Ryzy, that;

"Today, we have both by the grace of God , breached this almost one thousand year gap between our Churches for the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ and for the future of a truly Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church in this new Millennium."

The Belarus Orthodox National Church is an independent Eastern Rite Orthodox Church which under Archbishop Ryzy also has Eastern and Western Rite Orthodox missions in the United States. Archbishop Ryzy is also the Primate of American World Patriarchates and the President of the Peoples' University of the Americas, established in New York in 1971.

Bishop Robert Samuel Loiselle is the Suffragan Bishop of the Anglican Independent Communion, a traditional Catholic and Apostolic Church based in Annapolis, Maryland. They continue to use the 1928 Episcopal Prayer Book in all their services.

Bishop Loiselle commented that with the one obvious change concerning the Filioque in the Creed, there were no other major changes made to the 1928 Holy Communion Service. Prayers may be properly inserted in the Liturgy, he maintains, which support the Orthodox faith and practice and which do not go against the published rubrics. Bishop Loiselle noted this sort of practice has long been observed in the Anglo-Catholic Anglican Tradition. "They have inserted Roman theology and prayers into the Anglican Liturgy... I don't see why there is not also a proper place in the "via media" for the insertion of Orthodox Faith. As faithful Anglicans, we're seeking to be holy and keep that word front and center in our understanding of the Trinity . The Orthodox have much to teach us about that process."

This intercommunion is specifically between the Western Rite of the American World Patriarchates and the Western Rite Orthodox side of the Anglican Independent Communion.

The Anglican Rite (1928 BCP or 1662) will continue as the major Liturgy of the AIC . However, Priests of the AIC, may now minister in Western Rite Orthodox parishes and missions in World Patriarchates' jurisdictions world wide. All of Archbishop Ryzy's Priests may celebrate Holy Communion and administer all Seven Sacraments in AIC Churches under this concordant.

The Concordant between the two groups which then permitted the Communion Service at St. Paul's was signed the previous day in Lothian Maryland, at Mt. Calvary Southern-Episcopal Church . Mt. Calvary will be the location of a new seminary called the Atlantic Orthodox and Anglican Seminary shared by both groups.

Bishop Caputo stated. "Our intent is to train Godly Priests for Western Rite Orthodox and Anglican worship and to help protect and strengthen the sort of true religion and moral values which we believe are required by the Holy Trinity, the Holy Scripture, and the Holy Tradition."