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June 2-7, 2007  the DEUS Synod of the APA was held at St. Paul's Anglican, Crownsvilles. MD.


The new Vestry was elected at the 2007 Parish Yearly Meeting

Bill Chaney, Senior Warden

Jack Collins, Jr. Warden

Bill Lusby

Jack Mitchell

Tom Wessinger



PARISH YARD SALE for APA World Missions and

Maryland Soldier's Children's Fund

September 24, 2004

Last Year's event


Parish History


Mt.Calvary, Lothian, Maryland

(The church is on Md, Rt 408, south of Rt 2 , before you come to Rt 4)

This historic church was built in 1873. It was a Southern Methodist Episcopal Church until it was returned to faithful orthodox catholic and Apostolic worship by continuing Anglicans desiring to worship with the King James Bible (1611) and the Book of Common Prayer (USA 1928) and joyfully follow the Catholic and Evangelical faith once given. Something that the Wesley brothers as Anglicans also desired? By the grace of the Blessed Trinity we have now grown into an active and growing Orthodox Anglican parish.

Bishop Jack Iker, (ECUSA) and of the Anglican Communion Network, at a Festival of Faith Conference in Charleston, South Carolina, (2003) powerfully made the connection between "catholic" and "evangelical" around the events documented in St. Luke 24.

We are such Christians. Emmaus Christians.

We are also part of the Anglican Province of America in communion with of the Anglican Communion Network and in concordat with Forward in Faith, North America.

Please come and worship with us in the beauty of holiness, decently and in order!!!



8:00AM Morning Prayer 1928 BCP

9:00AM Holy Communion 1928 BCP

Bible Study Sunday at 10:00


Rector: Fr. R.H.Tregenza+

Deacon: James McFadden