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by Fr. R.H. Tregenza, Canon to the Ordinary

In light of our prayerful pilgrimage to union with the Anglican Province of America, (APA) as part of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, it is time to publicly comment on the history, orders and clergy of the Anglican Independent Communion Inc. and the Anglican Diocese of St. Charles the Martyr. (AIC/DOSCM)

This Diocese grew from the root of the Anglican Parish of St. Charles the Martyr, in Annapolis, Maryland, which continued from ECUSA after the St. Louis Conference, due to changes in Catholic faith, practice and order made manifest in their 1979 Prayer Book. Originally, the parish was a mix of Anglo-Catholics and Broad Churchmen. This is evidenced by the name selected for the Parish

Originally, an "independent" Anglican parish, it then signed a formal agreement of Episcopal oversight with ++Dale Doren's United Episcopal Church of North America on May 29, 1989. (CLEARLY ONE MAY NOT BE EPISCOPAL OR CATHOLIC WITHOUT A BISHOP.) St. Charles previously had an informal oversight relationship with +Albion Knight, the Missionary Bishop of the East of the UECNA. ++Doren after his consecration by +Chambers of PECUSA was more associated with a "low church" ceremonial than the "high church" use.

The Vestry purchased Old St. Paul's Chapel in Crownsville in 1988. This was an original PECUSA chapel. Previously the parish had met in Lutheran Churches. Old St. Paul's Chapel remains the Mother Church and the Pro-Cathedral of this Diocese. The seat of the AIC bishop is there.

The Rev'd Peter Caputo+ became the Rector of St. Charles in 1986. He had previously been a priest at the UECNA Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd, Claremont, New Hampshire. Fr. Caputo had studied for Holy Orders in the ECUSA, Diocese of Albany, New York under Bishop Hogg and Canon DeMille and was made a deacon in ECUSA. He was priested by ++Doren for UEC on 9/06/80.

The Parish remained independent until 1993 when it briefly joined the Traditional Episcopal Church. Fr. Caputo was then elected and consecrated to be the first Ordinary of the Mid-Atlantic for the TEC on 10/31/93.

The Anglican Independent Communion was officially formed on December 4th, (St. Crispins Day) 1999, by +Caputo, clergy and members of the Vestry of St. Charles. This was necessary because the Anglican Parish of St. Charles had voted to withdraw from TEC. That action took both the churches of St. Paul's Chapel and Mt. Calvary Southern-Episcopal Church at Lothian, Maryland, back into a new Missionary Diocese of St./King Charles the Martyr, while other continuing Anglican clergy and independent missions and churches were then invited to join the AIC and its Episcopal oversight. It is important to note, the Canons of the 1958 PECUSA, require at least 6 churches and 10 "presbyters" for a diocese. By December 4th, there were that many churches, missions and clergy in fellowship with the AIC, so another continuing Anglican Missionary Diocese was then properly formed which included the Anglican Diocese of King/St. Charles the Martyr. Hence the names have a historic connection. AIC/DOSCM.

On November 11, 2000, at the second clericus of the AIC, (DOSCM) +Peter Caputo due to poor health resigned as the Ordinary of the AIC and with an election and vote of the AIC clergy, +Peter raised +Robert Samuel Loiselle from his Suffragan to Co-Adjutor. Bishop Loiselle was then nominated by +Peter and elected the Ordinary of the AIC and hence the Missionary Diocese of St. Charles the Martyr. +Peter remained the rector of St. Pauls Chapel.

On August 15, 2001 +Caputo died.

The Vestry and the congregation of St. Charles then called +Robert Samuel Loiselle to return from Florida to the Annapolis parish and to St. Paul's Chapel as rector.

The Rev'd Canon R.H. Tregenza was called to be the rector of Mt. Calvary Southern-Episcopal Church and their new parish in September 2001. Some associated clergy and churches departed from the AIC after the death of +Peter for various reasons.

Today, all our clergy are now required to accept and proclaim all of the St. Louis Affirmation, the Bladensburg Call, the 39 Articles and to use the 1928 PECUSA Book of Common Prayer as the Liturgy for public worship. The AIC clergy has also voted to accept the 1958 PECUSA Canons. All must be men called to priestly service in the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and closely follow the rubrics of the Prayerbook . The ceremonial continues to be "Prayerbook Catholic" with an eye to a level of ceremonial practiced in the Anglican Use in the second year of reign of King Edward VI.

All our clergy were ordained unto Holy Orders by +Peter Caputo, +Robert Samuel Loiselle or ++E.J. Ryzy. They first must have been first approved by members of the Vestry of St. Paul's Anglican Church in the Parish of St.Charles the Martyr, or by an Episcopal vestry of their home churches, prior to being allowed by the presiding Bishop to properly study for Holy Orders.

Before ordination they were again all examined by a Board of Examining Chaplains, (which included Vestry participation) in the Mother Parish/Diocese of St. Charles the Martyr, as to their calling and orthodox theology and doctrine.

All valid and lawful AIC ordinations and consecrations were celebrated publicly in front of congregations in historic Anglican/Episcopal Churches with the historically prescribed number of Catholic bishops present and using the Liturgy of the 1928 (PECUSA) Book of Common Prayer in the context of a Holy Communion.

The Rev'd James Flanagan+ was made a Deacon by a Bishop of the ACA/APA but a priest by +Peter Caputo.

All this was done under the Canons of PECUSA (1958). All our clergy have academic degrees from accredited universities, achieved officer rank in the military, or have studied in approved seminaries.

The Anglican Independent Communion, Inc., is lawfully incorporated as such in the State of Maryland, in the United States of America. This is the only Apostolic body which descends in a direct, regular, valid and lawful manner from the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, in the Diocese of Annapolis and was established by the Continuing Anglican Parish of St. Charles the Martyr.

All others using variations of "the Anglican Independent Communion" name in the "UK", "Caribbean", or "in the Americas" are not recognized to be in Communion or fellowship with this lawful jurisdiction, our clergy or our historic churches.

Some may claim Holy Orders from irregular "one on one" consecrations for monastic and other orders by +Peter Caputo. They may not however, claim to be in "fellowship" or "communion" with this Anglican Continuing jurisdiction or descend in Apostolic Succession from us, or lawfully extend their ministry outside their Monastic context into the larger Catholic and Apostolic Church, without evidence of prior written approval to do so, from a Presiding Bishop of this Communion, with a copy filed and duly recorded with the Canon of the Diocese, with the Vestry of St. Charles Parish or with the Chancellor of the AIC, Mr. John Vickerman.

If that is NOT the case, they are simply "vagantes" in violation of all existing historical and Catholic jurisdictions.

The only bishop duly elected by this Continuing Apostolic body, examined and sent by both the clergy and laity of this diocese, as required by Article XXIII "Of Ministering in the Congregation" of the Anglican Articles of Religion, for the ANGLICAN INDEPENDENT COMMUNION is +Robert Samuel Loiselle, the present Rector of St. Paul's Anglican Church/Chapel, in the Parish of St. Charles the Martyr, the historic seat of this lawful continuing Anglican Orthodox diocese. (Consecrated on March 11, 2000)

At the most recent meeting of the AIC, Inc., the clergy and lay officers voted to change the charter of this Maryland non profit corporation to no longer function as a diocese (in light of the AIC merger with the APA) but to continue as an Anglican missionary society and to promote orthodox education of clergy and laity.

Canon Tregenza was voted president of the AIC, Inc.




A.I.C. Inc., Concordats


The following clergy are the ONLY duly examined, approved , and licensed clergy of the Anglican Independent Communion Inc.




The Rev'd Missionary Canon Jim Flanagan

Pastor of the Church of the Evangel, Narabeth, PA.,


The Rt. Rev. Robert Loiselle Sr.,

Rector of St Paul's Anglican Church, Parish of St. Charles the Martyr, Crownsville/Annapolis, Maryland


The Rev. Deacon James McFadden

Treasurer of the AIC, Deacon, Mt. Calvary, Deacon, Belarus National Orthodox Church, of St. Andrew, AWP


The Rev'd Canon Fr. Dr. R.H. Tregenza+

Rector of Mt. Calvary Southern-Episcopal Church, Lothian, Maryland, Dean of the Atlantic Orthodox and Anglican Seminary, Archpriest, Belarus National Orthodox Church, of St. Andrew, AWP